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                      •  Y7-41 Boiler induced draft fan
                       Y7-41 Boiler induced draft fan

                      Y7-41 Boiler induced draft fan

                      • Y7-41 Wind Turbine
                      • Y7-41 Boiler lead Fan
                      • y7-41 lead Fan
                      • Y7-41
                      • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed introduction to the y7-41 boiler fan model, price, air volume, wind pressure, parameters, manufacturers
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                        The main characteristics of gy7-41 type industrial boiler pass and fan are: High fan efficiency, high total pressure, low noise, flat performance curve, wide economic use area, and the use of rear plate blade, fan in the best operating point of the full pressure internal efficiency of 86.5%, noise index (than a sound level) ls=11.5 decibels, The two indicators are the best level compared with the existing various industrial boilers and fans in China, and if the fan reaches the same flow rate and pressure as other types of fans, the number of fan spindle turns can be greatly reduced (generally reduced by 200-800 rpm), so that the fan noise is significantly reduced and the operation is stable and reliable.