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                      •  Y5-48 Boiler induced draft fan
                       Y5-48 Boiler induced draft fan

                      Y5-48 Boiler induced draft fan

                      • Y5-48 Wind Turbine
                      • Y5-48 Boiler lead Fan
                      • y5-48 lead Fan
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                      • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed introduction to the y5-48 boiler fan model, price, parameters, manufacturers
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                        Y5-48 boiler fan is suitable for 1-20 tons of industrial boilers, GB models are belt transmission mode, water-cooled transmission group, air volume 5065-67803m3/h, wind Pressure: 742-4483PA, Power: 2.2-110kw, ordinary carbon steel model maximum temperature resistance 250 degrees.

                        Product Description: Suitable for burning a variety of coal quality and equipped with smoke and dust removal device (1~20t/h) industrial boiler supporting design. Where the intake conditions are equal, the performance is suitable and can be selected. The maximum temperature shall not exceed 250 ℃, in front of the fan must be added to the efficiency of not less than 85% dust removal device, reduce the amount of dust in the flue gas into the fan, in order to improve the life of the fan.