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                      •  Y5-47 Boiler induced draft fan
                       Y5-47 Boiler induced draft fan

                      Y5-47 Boiler induced draft fan

                      • Y5-47 Wind Turbine
                      • Y5-47 Boiler lead Fan
                      • y5-47 lead Fan
                      • 5-47
                      • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed introduction to the y5-47 boiler fan model, price, parameters, manufacturers
                      • INQUIRY

                        Y5-47 Boiler Fan Air volume is: 1500-79000 cubic meters/hour, wind Pressure: 990-3854-2551PA, Power: 3kw-110kw, used in 1-20 tons of boiler, ordinary carbon steel quality of the highest temperature 250 degrees, can be customized high temperature type, the highest temperature resistance 1000 degrees.

                         The fan has a total of 7 machine numbers (4C-12.4D)

                        Adaptive Range

                        1-20 tons/hour industrial boiler wind, the maximum efficiency of up to 90.5%, the maximum temperature is not super 250℃.
                      The fan itself has high strength and wear resistance, long service life.

                        Performance parameters:
                        Flow q:45-1255.5m3/mm
                      Full pressure P:990-3854PA Power n:3-90kw