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                      • y6-51 Boiler induced draft fan
                      y6-51 Boiler induced draft fan

                      y6-51 Boiler induced draft fan

                      • Y6-51 Wind Turbine
                      • Y6-51 Boiler lead Fan
                      • Y6-51 lead Fan
                      • G6-51 Boiler Ventilator
                      • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed introduction to the g6-51 y6-51 boiler fan model, price, air volume, wind pressure, parameters, manufacturers
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                      G/Y6-51 Type boiler feed fan is mainly used in power plant 2t/h~670t/h steam boiler Feed fan system, but also meet the requirements of high pressure head performance parameters of fluidized bed furnace.
                      The series of fans can also be used for dust removal, mine ventilation and general ventilation systems. The medium transported by the fan is air, and the medium transported by the fan is the gas of the flue gas or the particles containing impurities. It can be used for more than four years when the concentration of impurities is less than 200mg/m3. It can also be used if it contains large impurities, but the service life is relatively shortened. The maximum use temperature of the feeder fan is not more than 250 ℃.